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Alti composite window

McNaughton ALTI

McNaughton ALTI is an ultra-smart window and door system, incorporating both aluminium and timber using advanced technology from the USA and Europe.

Designed with New Zealand architecture and climate in mind, McNaughton ALTI provides your home with the best of both worlds. The natural wood interior allows you greater freedom with your interior styling and the low-maintenance aluminium exterior is coated with a durable powder-coated colour with over 100 colours to choose from to suit your exterior.

Our designs provide substantial aluminium sections with smooth rounded lines for good looks, strength and durability. When paired with your preferred interior timber, the creative possibilities are boundless, whether you opt for staining or painting, chamfered or square edges, and materials like Oak, Cedar, Rimu, or Yaka.

McNaughton ALTI increases the energy efficiency of your home. The timber interior provides a natural thermal break, and in many cases, eliminates condensation and mildew growth entirely. The energy efficiency of your home can be dramatically enhanced, particularly when combined with double glazing.

Make a statement of quality and consider McNaughton ALTI for your home.

Aluminium Powder Coatings Colour Selection:

Please visit Dulux Powders' website

Popular interior timber choices include (not limited to):



Western Red Cedar

Durable softwood.

Modulus of Elasticity: 7.7 GPA.

Stains and paints well.  




Durable and stable hardwood.

Modulus of Elasticity: 9.38 GPa.

Takes stains and polish well. 

yellow cedar


Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Durable softwood with consistent yellow colour.

Modulus of Elasticity: 9.79 GPa.

Perfect for paint application (no visible wood grain). 




Very durable and stable hardwood.

Modulus of Elasticity: 12 GPa.

Can be darken with stain. 

american oak


American White Oak

Durable hardwood. Recommended for interior use only.

Modulus of Elasticity: 12.15 GPa.

Takes stains and polish well. 




Moderately durable.

Modulus of Elasticity: 9 GPa.

Can be stained. 



European Oak

Durable hardwood. Can be used for exterior joinery.

Modulus of Elasticity: 10GPa.

Can be darken with stain. 





Modulus of Elasticity: 11.3 GPa.

Takes stains and polish well. 

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