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Entrance Doors 

Make a statement and design a front entry that makes an impact! 

Options are unlimited, so engage our design team or design something inspiring yourself. The ‘can do’ attitude at McNaughton Windows & Doors will guide you through the process.

Timber Selection

Selecting the right timber for entry doors is a pivotal decision balancing both aesthetics and durability.

Popular timber choices include (not limited to):



Western Red Cedar

+ Durable softwood

+ Stains and paints well  

yellow cedar


Alaskan Yellow Cedar

+ Durable softwood with consistent yellow colour

+ Perfect for paint application (no visible wood grain)




+ Very durable and stable hardwood

+ Can be darken with stain



European Oak

+ Durable hardwood. Can be used for exterior joinery

+ Can be darken with stain




+ Durable and stable hardwood

+ Takes stains and polish well

Get Inspired 


Specifying Timber Joinery?

At McNaughton's we provide detailed shop drawings to our clients, ensuring easy understanding and confirmation prior to production.


We have an extensive library of typical details ready for architects and architectural designers to make specifying McNaughton products a breeze!

Ready to discuss how we can elevate your next project?

Contact us today.

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