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Bifold Windows

Bifold windows are a fantastic way to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces while maximizing natural light and ventilation. At McNaughton, we specialize in creating high-quality bifold windows that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Make the most of your opening width by choosing McNaughton Bifold windows. Our bifold windows can be customised to fit any space, with a range of sizes and configurations to choose from. We also offer a foldback option, which allows the windows to fold back completely, creating an unobstructed view and maximum access to the outdoors.


Typical Features: 

Sash details:

  • Ex. 50mm thick high-quality Cedar for superior stability

  • Traditional mortice & tenon joints for durability

  • Single or Double glazing

  • Foldback option is available

Frame details:​

  • Ex. 75mm thick H3.2 Micropro Pine architecturally designed laminated sill for robust look and durability

  • Ex. 100mm thick H3.2 Micropro Pine head and Ex. 50mm jambs

Finish: primed or fully painted finish available on request.

Weather seals: fully sealed to comply with various wind loadings.

Facings: Ex. 25mm thick H3.2 Micropro Pine facings with various width options available as specified.

Hinges & screws:  stainless steel for superior durability.

Running gear: Zebratti Stainless steel NZ-made running gear.


Fitted hardware from the McNaughton range is available upon request, including recommended 2-point locking system for easy opening.

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