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Skyvue Glazing System

McNaughton Skyvue is developed around a prefinished aluminium drained glazing bar section for timber-supported use both in sloped and vertical glazing.


The assembly consists of three aluminium extrusions together with synthetic rubber glazing gaskets. The base member is screw fixed to the timber support frame. Glass is placed on the base gaskets and held in place by the gaskets of the large-cap member which is, in turn, fixed by being screwed down through the threaded centre section of the base extrusion into the support below. This cushions the glass between the gaskets.


All these fixings are then hidden by the small-cap member which is snap-fitted into the channel in the large-cap.


The system is designed to accommodate multi-pane glazing. Skyvue can be used in outdoor living areas only. 

Skyvue can be used in outdoor living areas only. 

Available in Mill and Powder Coated Finish. 

Skyvue glazing system
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