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Timber Fire Window

Fire Rated Windows

McNaughton Timber Fire Windows are designed to comply with fire regulations while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your projects.


Why choose McNaughton Fire Windows:

  • Maintain the aesthetic appeal of your project by matching the typical McNaughton window suite

  • Detailed specification information can be conveniently downloaded from our website

  • Expert sales team available for personalised specifications on your projects

  • Tested and BRANZ verified to satisfy AS1530.4, complying with NZS4520:2010.

McNaughton Fire Window 101


What is a timber fire rated window? 

Fire rated windows are certified fire resistant windows made using specialised fire rated components. Various combinations of timber species, timber thickness, fire rated glass and intumescent seals, including installation method, must be tested and proven to meet fire resistance standards. These tests are subject to appropriate engineer appraisal from a suitably authorised authority such as BRANZ.


Understanding the fire resistance rating (FRR)

The Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) classifies fire resistance in terms of stability, integrity, and insulation. It's represented by three numbers in minutes, detailing how long each criterion is satisfied under standard fire conditions. McNaughton Exterior Fire Rated Windows satisfy the rating of -/30/30. The required FRR for a project will be specified in the fire report by the fire engineer.



Once installed as per specified details, McNaughton’s will issue a fire-rated tag confirming the windows FRR, typically -/30/30. This tag remains as evidence for Building Consent Authority (BCA) verification.


When are fire rated windows required in New Zealand buildings?

In New Zealand, exterior fire rated windows may be necessary when buildings are in close proximity to one another to prevent the risk of fire spreading across the boundary. McNaughton Exterior Fire Windows, with achievable maximum sizes of 5.3m² and maximum 2.850mm height or width offer flexibility in design. Our external non-openable fire windows come in various timber types, paint or stain finish and tailored to your specific fire resistance requirements.


Glass options for fire rated windows

Our fire rated windows feature specialised glass that withstands fire temperatures, preventing shattering and additional hazards.



Our Fire Windows adhere to both weather tightness and fire rating requirements in the Building Code. Fixing instructions are provided for easy installation.


We are committed to providing the architectural community with design support. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales team for any queries or assistance in specifications.

Specifying Fire Windows?

At McNaughton's we provide detailed shop drawings to our clients, ensuring easy understanding and confirmation prior to production.


We have an extensive library of typical details ready for architects and architectural designers to make specifying McNaughton products a breeze!

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