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Swietenia Front Door

Winner of Best Door Award - Master Joiner Awards 2017

Exterior front entry with double glazed sidelights and overlights.

Material: Swietenia (Fijian Mahogany)

Door is 60 mm thick with solid TG&V panelling 40 mm thick with bolection mouldings both sides.

Stop chamfered mullions and transoms.

Door supplied pre-stained with Sikkens Light Oak.


Part of the challenge was to match a front entry the client had photographed previously, incorporating all the same details with the addition of double glazing.

Swietenia was chosen due to its unique colour and grain. These timber qualities were required to match uniformly throughout the interior joinery and front entry. The ex 50mm thick Swietenia supplied required all timbers used in the door, transom and mullions to be laminated without visible glue joints. Swietenia offered the durability and stability required to build a front entry of this size and nature with confidence.

Architect’s Comment

The client was after an entrance, which provided a strong statement of traditional quality and craftsmanship. The design of the door and entrance was in intended to appear both traditional and a little unique, hence the use of TG&V panelling with the corner blocks for the door leaf rather than raised panels with mitred bolection mouldings which would be common for this style of door. The quality is enhanced with the use of lacquered solid Fijian Mahogany throughout which requires great craftsmanship, as all work is visible and mistakes cannot be hidden or filled.

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