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Outdoor Courtyard

Exterior shutters to close off the end of the outdoor living area, manufactured from clean Western Red Cedar for oil finish with pairings of both solid panels and glazed sashes


The design brief was to create a system that allowed this area to effortlessly transition between a private secure room to a fully open and inviting living space.

To accommodate this brief our company designed the concept of an easily operable centre pivoting shutter frame. By combining solid panels for privacy with pairs of glazed panels for visual flow, we were able to create something visually appealing and fully consistent with the brief.

Functionally, by rebating sashes, we were able to eliminate draft. Additionally, we manufactured a raking head to position directly under the existing raking rafter so not to waste space and create a consistent look. In turn the sill fitted neatly atop the existing block wall.

The two different sill heights added complexity and character to the final piece, as did the location which required a tight fit between the two end posts.

Homeowner's Comment

When we built our house 16 years ago, which has a large amount of timber joinery, our builder and architect recommended McNaughton's for the job. We were, and still are, very happy with their work. It seemed only natural to have them also make our new louvres/windows when we enclosed and covered our existing outdoor courtyard recently.

They have done an absolutely brilliant job on what was a complex and detailed brief, and we were amazed when we were told that an apprentice undertook a large part of the work. The craftsmanship shown and the care taken is in our view outstanding for someone who is nearer to the start of their career than the end.

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