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Front Entry

New Front Entry door and sidelights into existing frame, manufactured from Alaskan Cedar for paint finish

The homeowner saw the door in a neighbouring property and asked if we could replicate the door and sidelights to match and fit into existing frame.

All this work was done using traditional joinery methods. Firstly a template for the oval was made, then the sash was fixed to the template and the oval was moulded on the spindle free hand with a ball bearing race. Then all the glazing bars were fitted that formed the octagon shape, following by the fitting of the oval to the door and cutting in the mullions.

The apprentice was provided with this challenge as his final project prior to graduating as a qualified joiner and he undertook 100% of the manufacturing of the door and sidelights including fitting and hanging the door and sidelights into the existing frame.

Homeowner's Comment

We were very pleased with the workmanship that went into this bespoke door and very impressed that an apprentice was able to produce this level of workmanship. The curved glass panel with the glazing bars running off it had so much attention to detail. We were extremely pleased with the result.

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