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Alti Atrium Window

Crafting Excellence: A Masterpiece in Oak and Aluminium

16 light atrium window comprising 4 awning hung sashes and the balance fixed, running between two stories within the confines of a curved stair well.

The inlayed oak features to head, sill and jambs are neatly accompanied by mullions and transoms that have been cut to form a continuous chamfer detail.


  • 1 of 73 separate windows all with similar detail and finish produced from 149 pages of hand drawn architectural plans.

  • Flashing details to accommodate both stone and cedar shingle exterior cladding.

  • Concealed glue joints and stained finish allowed zero tolerance for compromise.

  • Requirement for transoms to line through entire building.

  • Hand selected super prime grade American White Oak eliminated all knots.

  • Aluminum exterior specified to accompany the exquisite craftsmanship of the interior oak finished interior.

Architect’s Comment

It was a pleasure to work with McNaughton Joinery to achieve the built result in this window (and in the other windows and exterior doors too) for a house with a demanding level of quality in its construction. The expertise of the Joiner to achieve the timberwork to the window and especially the deep reveals, given the constraints of the availability of the American Oak timber, epitomises the craft skill base which we can still access in the present market.

Bill Algie, Algie Architects Ltd

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