Stair Treads

These stunning French Oak stair treads won four awards including the Supreme Award at Master Joiner Awards 2019. 

The initial concept drawings supplied by the architect formed the basis for our com­pany to then work closely with the builder and create a practical, albeit sophisticated stair tread design.

With no traditional stringers, each tread was provisioned to allow for concealed steel brackets which in turn allowed the tread to be fixed into place.

The treads were formed initially with a substrate of laminated ex 100 x 50 boards before clashing with ex 100 x 25 French Oak in a fanlike fashion commencing with a consistently placed central board to create a uniform pattern.

Each tread was fashioned individually to a template with no two being identical. The treads were mitred on all faces creating the seamless appeal of no visible end or cross grain.

Radiused machining of each end, to match the curvature of the wall and formed string­er, allowed consistent and aesthetic clearances.

CNC programming and machining time totalled some 95 hours with an additional 320 hours of bespoke assembly work using traditional joinery skills.

Each tread is visible on all four faces creating zero tolerance for error. This combined with the challenge of the clear finish and mitred joints makes the ultimate result breath taking.

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