Timber Windows

The immediate benefits of a fully ENERGY STAR-qualified window is to reduce condensation, improve the acoustics, reduce air leaks, create a warm home in winter and a cooler house in the summer. In addition to savings on your power bills, you could downsize the air-conditioning system you use and you can actually use less expensive glass for the windows. McNaughton’s can make practically any design as long as it fits with building code and the architect’s able to get compliance.


Architecturally, ENERGY STAR-qualified window increases design flexibility dramatically, while still achieving the minimum R-Value that the house needs to comply with to meet code. And McNaughton’s can assist architects in calculating the thermal values of windows and doors with very accurate data. We can use very specific BRANZ approved calculations that demonstrate the timber windows and doors are thermally advanced.

For people wanting to know more about how ENERGY STAR-qualified windows can improve the thermal performance of their home, McNaughton Windows and Doors are the only company manufacturing an ENERGY STAR-qualified timber window system. Our expert team is available to offer advice and solutions to architects, builders and homeowners. 

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